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We’re all about critters who roam the jungles of the world, from the Amazon to the Congo to Asian Jungles, we’ve found a plethora of amazing creatures.  We are fascinated by birds of the air, mammals who roam the ground and the tree tops as well as some slithery reptiles and lets not forget the amazing assortment of fish and other creatures in the rivers. lake and oceans.

There is an amazing diversity of life in the jungle and we want to take you through exotic places, discovering the wild creatures that God placed in these sometimes harsh and unforgiving environments.  Consider the sloth who lives in the jungles of Costa Rica and only comes down from the trees for a weekly poop.  How about the Bonobo which is a great ape who lives in the Congo region of Africa.  It’s larger than a chimpanzee and lives to between 50 and 55 yrs. old!  Then there is the snow leopard who lives in the central and southern areas of the Asian mountain ranges.  This cat is so rare that there are only 2500 breeding snow leopard left in the wild.

Batutut - Bigfoot of VietnamOur passion is to create awareness and to allow people to get a glimpse into the lives of some rare and exotic creatures who we call Jungle Exotics.  We’ll connect you with expert int he field and show you rare video footage of these creatures.  Hey, maybe we’ll even discover the evidence needed to prove the Batutut, a bigfoot like creature who has been spotted in the Jungles of Vietnam by American soldiers in the Vietnam war.

Realize that you don’t need to go to a place like Vietnam to find an exotic creature.  I’ve got a friend who I admit is a little odd and he lives in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania near Scranton.  Well, he claims that Bigfoot broke into his house, ate all of his food and trashed the place.  He’s a wild guy so I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or he’s just crazy. He says that the Bigfoot pee’d and pooped in the house, right on his shag carpet. “Shag carpet”?  OK, that raised a red flag.  He said that he has proof because he called this local carpet cleaning company, they cleaned it up, but were so surprised that they took pictures of the huge footprints on the carpet.  I’ve got to reach out to these guys sometime.

We’re on a quest, into the Jungle to look for exotic and sometimes very rare animals.  Come along on the journey as we uncover the Jungle’s most exotic creatures.  -Jungle Jim Irwin

Who is Jungle Jim Irwin?

Jim IrwinI’m an adventurous type who can’t seem to stay in one place for very long. I’ve traveled around the globe and feel most at home in the exotic jungles, far removed from civilization.  Once in a while I like to take a break for the wildlife and head into town for a few months or even a year.  I’ve had some interesting adventures and met a whole lot of people as well as learned their ways of life in the jungle.  The best and most interesting part of this type of life is meeting the animals.  Do I have some stories about that!  Follow me through this website and my blog as I take you from one adventure to the next over a period of about 36 years of my life in the deepest and darkest, thickest and most tropical, dangerous and deadliest places to live on this earth! From my start with a towing service to living my dream as an adventurer. [Read more…]


Amazing Exotic Animal Videos!

Watch some amazing videos of exotic creatures in the jungle.  We’ve been collecting videos with rare and exotic animals, in and out of jungle locations and interacting with us humans.  There are lots more of these to come so keep coming back and we’ll be posting many, many more videos that will just get you excited… or scare the stuffing out of you!  [Watch videos…]

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Do you have an idea or want to share something with our visitors?  Well, you’ll need to contact me right away so we can talk turkey.  Or if you’re living in some of the places that I live, we could be talking crickets, worms or even a hearty antelope stew when you’re lucky.  Anyway, just email me and I’ll get back to you. [Email Jim…]

Jungle Jim’s Blog

Read lots of stories, some tall tales and some real life adventures.  Jungle Jim has been around the world a time or two and these are just some of the accounts of those exotic experiences. Stop by Jim’s shed for a beer or [Read my blog…]