Hi I’m Jim! Most people call me Jungle Jim because ever since I was very small I just loved the jungle. It first began as I pretended that the area under the dining room table was “deepest, darkest, Africa” and graduated to the 3 acre wooded area behind Grandpa’s house. Eventually we made a family vacation trip to Florida and I got a look at the swamps in “Alligator Alley” and the bug bit me! Yep, it was one of those freaking huge mosquito’s that they grow down there… I nearly became anemic from the blood loss! Still, when I got a look at those gators and then the huge rattlesnakes at the roadside reptile farm that we visited, well I knew that I had to go out into the real jungle.

man-984048_640Once I got out of high school I set my sites on the Amazon jungle, thus “Jungle Jim” was officially born. I flew into Venezuela and got on a bus, headed for the jungle. I then found a river boat crew who I managed to sign on with to haul some cargo. No, I wasn’t driving the boat, I was the grunt who had to load and unload the cargo of clothing and medical supplies to a small fishing village. Perfect for what I was looking for because as luck would have it, I found a place to stay because of one of the folks I met while doing the unloading. Got some great grub too! Anyway, they needed some help each day doing the fishing, cleaning the nets, fish and then smoking the fish. Not in a pipe, over a very smokey fire to preserve it a little longer.

I got to see my first anaconda that very week. A huge 18′ snake that scared me to death. I almost because it’s lunch when I stepped out of the boat to help with getting the boat unstuck. That monster was right under my foot! Good thing one of the fisherman noticed the bubble that the snake let out and he pulled my arm back into the boat just as the snake popped his head to the surface. Wow, that snake was beautiful!

I had to see more so I lived in the jungle of South America going between Venezuela and Brazil for the next 8 1/2 years! Got tired of it so I decided to head over to Africa and see some big game. Well, I found out that it’s not all that easy and it’s freaking dangerous. I got a job with a safari outfit and guided rich Americans to the places where they could shoot lions, tigers and bears. Not hardly, my job was to clean the trucks, water the plants and mow the dirt. Not much grass growing there most of the year so I mostly used a old reel mower with no engine to mow off the seed heads. Eventually I got to go out with the guides and I had to carry the baggage. Hey, you have to start somewhere eh? After 3 yrs. they allowed me to be a guide for some rich folks who only wanted to see a lion pride in the wild. Well, I almost got those folks in trouble when the lady decided to step out of the Rover to get a closer pic of the lions. Not a good idea because a huge male decided that she looked tasty and started to make his move. I ran the Rover past her, grabbed her and off we went. She was quite insulted by my man-handling her but she wasn’t going to become lunch on my watch.

So as you can see, I love the Jungle and the animals. I can’t wait to show you the things that I’ve seen and enlighten you on how amazing this old world can be for those who will partake!

-Jungle Jim