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The Chupacabra

There are various sort of tear, however this conversation will certainly be dedicated to stomach rupture. A tear, or rupture, is an outcropping of any kind of body organ or component of the body via an opening in the wall

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Strongest Bite in History

Pliosaurs – Terrible Monsters of the Mesozoic Seas The study sums up job done to this day on recently uncovered fossils of a Pliosaur, an old aquatic reptile that would certainly have terrorised the Jurassic seas as well as been

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Sharks Kill People In NJ Creek

Regarding the movie Jaws.  What numerous people do not understand, is that Benchley was influenced by a 12 day duration in the summertime of 1916 along the New Jersey shore, throughout which 5 shark strikes (4 of them deadly) took

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The Greatest Adventure – The Flood

How/why did individuals live as long in old days? Genesis 5 Noah’s kid Shem was 600 at fatality. Shem’s kid, 438. His kid, 433. After that there was 464, 239, 230, and after that the grand-father of Abraham, 148. His

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The Jungle At Home

Another Guest Post From – Samir Pontuta We have prior to us the accessibility and also the capacity with a united initiative to remove from our presence a most deadly scourge that has actually taken care of to penetrate and

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Guest Post from a Very Weird Character

This came in from a strange dude who says he hunts Bigfoot with his kid.  Not sure if he’s smoking something or he’s a few bricks shy but this the the article that he wrote.  Good luck reading it! However

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Biblical Mysteries

Keep in mind: All referrals here describe the King James Variation of the Holy bible. You will not locate recommendations in the Holy bible to the Yeti, Bigfoot, Bigfoot, the Sea serpent, the Cyclopes, or various other comparable beasties that

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Crocs and Hippos

We all know that crocs and gators are dangerous animals.  Most of us wouldn’t go swimming in waters where these toothy critters live because you could end up being their next meal.  Africa has some of the largest Nile crocodiles

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Finding the Mokele-Mbembe

In a few short months I’ll be heading off on what some may consider a wild goose chase.  More crazy that searching for bigfoot or the chupacabra… we’ll be hunting for a dinosaur!  For decades the people living in the

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Exotic Animals Kept As Pets

In my opinion, people should be very careful about which animals that they keep as pets.  Even when choosing a dog or cat, you need to choose one that fits into your lifestyle the best.  If you plan to have

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