Exotic Animals Kept As Pets

In my opinion, people should be very careful about which animals that they keep as pets.  Even when choosing a dog or cat, you need to choose one that fits into your lifestyle the best.  If you plan to have an exotic animal as a pet you need to be even more choosy because both you and the animal will suffer the consequences if  you make the wrong choice.

Having a chinchilla as a pet is quite different than having an African rock python.  A chinchilla isn’t interested in suffocating and swallowing other animals or small children.  Owning a squirrel monkey is different than owning an alligator.  The monkey will stay small enough to carry and will eat a mixed diet of fruits, veggies and meats while your pet gator will grow from a little squeaky baby of 6 inches to a 3 foot infant in a single year.  That gator can live up to 50 years and grow to about 16 feet long and would eat you if he got hungry and you haven’t fed him.  By the way, an alligator has about 3000 lbs. per square inch of jaw pressure, which is enough to crush your skull with a single bite.

Here’s a video that CBS did showing some of the exotic pet choices that people are making today.

The video is interesting and it shows some of the bad choices as well as the good ones.  Make sure to do your research before adopting one of these creatures.

When I lived in Africa not many people considered having one of the wild animals as a pet.  You would see that occasional monkey who was abandoned as a baby and raised by humans but for the most part, they had dogs as pets and not really very many of those either.  The consideration there is practicality, you must make practical choices and not emotional ones.  Americans tend to make emotional choices which lead to making bad choices.  This is bad for both animals and humans.

I’m an animal lover.  I like them best when they are in the proper environment because it’s best for everyone. Alligators belong in the swamps, monkeys belong in the jungle and all snakes belong in their natural “wild” environment where they can hunt, feed and live like God intended them to live.  Safely for them and away from humans who can get hurt by them.

In future posts I’ll tell some stories about some tragic events that I’ve personally encountered between humans and animals.  Like the time a cobra decided to crawl into our tent in the middle of the night and surprised an unsuspecting visitor to the potty.  Also the time that a leopard decided to steal our soon to be butchered antelope while we were off preparing some camera traps.

I’ve got lots of adventures to share and lots of animal encounters both fun and dangerous.  I’ll be headed into the jungle again real soon with a group of scientists and explorers who believe that there’s still a dinosaur species that’s alive and well.  Now that’s an exotic animal if I do say so myself!

Until next time, Jungle Jim over and out.

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