Finding the Mokele-Mbembe

In a few short months I’ll be heading off on what some may consider a wild goose chase.  More crazy that searching for bigfoot or the chupacabra… we’ll be hunting for a dinosaur!  For decades the people living in the Likouala region in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have talked about a creature that we all believed to be extinct.  This creature has a long neck, big body, long tail and no hair.  It lives in the densest part of the jungle along the riverbanks and seems to burrow itself into the ground.  It’s also been described as about 20 feet tall and up to 35 feet long!

ApatosaurusThe local pygmies call it the mokele-mbembe and the text books show it looking like this picture of the apatosaurus which scientists want to convince you became extinct millions of years ago.  Well, I’m a bible reader and a believer in Jesus and this old dinosaur sure as I’m standing here meets the description of the “behemoth” described in Job 40:15-24

Now considering that they bible wasn’t written millions of years ago and that people in Job’s time didn’t have the slightest idea how to reconstruct an extinct creature.  I’d have to say that this old behemoth was still walking around where people could see it, don’t you?  Also, scientists want you to believe that dinosaurs all died before man came around.  Well, those folks aren’t paying attention to the Paluxy River or the Delk tracks.  Both of these clearly show dinosaur footprints in solid rock (fossils) with human footprints next to them and even on top of them as in the Delk tracks.  You don’t have to take my word for it, look it up yourself.

You see, scientists have been lying to us for years.  They’ve bought into the junk from a little twerp named Darwin who developed a “theory” that he called evolution.  This little twerp wants me to believe that I evolved from a single celled organism, a freakin’ worm.  Even a little twerp like Darwin didn’t come from a worm.  In fact, the odds of Darwin’s theory being true are so astronomical that it’s totally impossible.

So now that you know all this, it’s very plausible that dinosaurs still exist if they are in the right environment.  The Congo is the most remote of places.  The area where the mokele-mbembe is said to live is so remote that we will be driving for 3 days on a single line dirt road and then we’ll leave the vehicles and trek for another 2-3 days to reach the remote village near the rive where this beast has been spotted.

We’re not the first white men to venture out there to look for this animal.  Several expeditions have found evidence including footprints and burrows but no images and no physical sightings.  Timing is the issue because of the seasons and the rain.  Also the river is extremely murky and deep, so underwater cameras are mostly useless.  Boats are mostly dugout canoes and wooden boats, we’ll only be able to carry 2 or 3 men per boat.  If this animal is 35 feet long it could easily turn over our boats and kills us.  In fact, the locals tell stories of it doing just that.  They claim that several villagers have been killed by the mokele-mbembe.  They claim that it has large teeth and feeds on both plants and animals as well as humans.

This will be one of the most remote expeditions I’ve ever been involved with however it’s not unfamiliar territory.  You see, I lived near this area for a couple of years and had heard the talk regarding this creature.  Most of the locals would never consider traveling through that area because of the danger that they felt was imminent.  In Africa life is simple, people are simple.  They are survivors and they don’t make things up.  When they talk of a creature like the mokele-mbembe they aren’t creating folk lore, they’ve got the proof and have the experience.  They live among the wild creatures so there is no reason to attempt a hoax.  I believe that it’s there.  Will we find it?  That remains to be, however we’re going to give it all we’ve got and if we’re fortunate, we’ll get some evidence.

I’ll report back on our findings if God willing, we all return alive.  No, this isn’t a hype.  We could all die, it’s that dangerous, but I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead!  -Jungle Jim

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