Should You Have An Exotic Pet?

Exotic pets whether from the jungle or from a neighboring state are being kept as pets at an ever increasing rate.  The question is whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing?

Exotic pets are not domesticated, meaning that they don’t have hundreds or thousands of years of breeding the best and most docile members of their species into the latest generation of animals.  In essence, they’re wild animals.  Yep, you can get them used to being around you and they’ll behave to a point, however when they feel threatened, hungry or that wild nature just suddenly kicks into gear, your life can suddenly be on the line.  Yep, you could die and be eaten.

African Leopard

African Leopard

Consider the fact that a leopard cub is just about the cutest little thing you’d ever went to see.  They’re just like a little kitten except a bit bigger and heck, they’ll love you to pieces if you care for them.  A full grown leopard is close to 200 lbs. and is solid muscle, has 3 1/2 inch long teeth and 2 inch long claws sharp enough to rip your torso open to the guts with a single swipe.  They kill by grabbing their victim by the back of the neck, breaking the vertebrae and puncturing the artery so that they bleed out.  It’s very swift and the pain only lasts for a minute before the victim is dead.  This is not that type of pet that you should be keeping.  A pet that can kill you at will, any time, any place.

There are people who are into reptiles and are keeping snakes as pets.  I know of a few who keep rattlesnakes, pythons and even mambas.  You aren’t right in the head if you’re keeping a pet with a brain the size of a pea who knows no loyalty and can kill you with a single bite.  Hey, you can’t even outrun a black mamba, that snake can travel up to 17 mph and I don’t know about you, but on a good day I can maybe hit 10 mph.

OK, so not all exotic animals can kill you but is it really fair to the animal?  They are meant to live in the wild, free to do as they please.  Yes oyu can justify that you will feed them and care for them but was their life really supposed to be that way? If I took away your freedom to come and go as you please, placed you in a single room, fed you and clothed you in the finest duds and best foods and I never allowed you to leave, would you be happy?  Would your life be fulfilled?  Not hardly.

We tend to be selfish when it comes to these animals and we want them because they are cool to look at or fun for us to have.  We never consider the life of the animal.  I found an amazing video that I want to share with you about some exotic cats and the life that they had and now have living in a rescue facility in Indiana.  Please watch this and share it with others.

This is not the life that these animals were intended to live.  They aren’t free and only because of the greed and selfishness of people.  If we stopped buying these animals the people who are selling these exotic pets would be forced to stop.  Animal like these belong in the wild, not in cages.  Please share this and help make a difference in the lives of thousands of helpless creatures. – Jungle Jim

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